Tuesday, December 13, 2011



Modern Day “Adam & Eve” Will Be Featured in Documentary and Receive Complimentary Four-Night Stay

HOLLYWOOD, FL, December 7, 2011 – Hedonism II is putting out a siren call for engaged couples who would like to get married in the buff on national TV on Valentine’s Day 2012.  The nuptials and interviews with the newlyweds will be featured in a top-rated show on a major documentary network.
The infamous resort that thrice hosted the “World’s Largest Nude Wedding” is asking couples looking to exchange vows in an au natural ceremony to apply confidentially online by Friday, January 6.  Up to 10 couples will be chosen to star in the cable television program, and receive a complimentary Dream Wedding and four-night stay at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica.
Located on 22 acres at the northern end of Negril’s scenic seven-mile beach, Hedonism II is the ideal spot for a nude wedding. Amid the alluring ocean views and white sand beaches are 280 beach or garden-view rooms and 12 suites, equipped with private Jacuzzis and terraces for intimate time alone. From a wide array of water and land sports to the late night club, nightly themed parties and five different bars, Hedonism II is filled with non-stop entertainment. When couples need a break from the excitement, the on-site Blue Mahoe Spa allows them to sit back, relax and revitalize with a choice of √† la carte treatments. Hedonism II strikes the perfect balance between relaxing and rousing, providing an unforgettable wedding and honeymoon experience.
To learn more about the opportunity and apply, 
please call 800 7Classy or visit 
to learn more about Hedonism II.

888 8Classy


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular Trip Report 10/31/2011

Hedonism II Halloween 2011
Hedoween Spooktacular was as always a fun event.  
Santa, Hugh Hefner and all his Girls, The Pizza Delivey Boy, as well all Ghouls and just about anything else you can imagine showed up to Party the Night away.
Now that's Ghoulish!

Owner of Go Classy with ..... who is this  ;)

There are no words to discribe this guy.

Pumpkin Craving as always was creative ...... 
Did you know Delano and Scumba are TWINS!

The Birth of Delroy and Scumba

The Hedonism II Pumkin Creations

So if you plan on Halloween, you best book NOW this ALWAYS sells out way in advance!  Fun, Fun and more Fun!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular Trip Report 10/30/2011

Hedonism II October 30, 2011
Trip Report 
Sunday Night 
Naughty School Girls & Boys
Another cute idea for a theme night is there Naughty School Girls & Boys.  There were Naughty Professors, Cheerleader, Private School Girls  .... There was even a Flashing Priest with a very large .... plastic props are great ;)  Fun was had by all.  
A Simple Theme night for those of us who are not as creative as others. 
Just wear a simple Team Shirt from any sport. It all works.  

Winston and Crew did school themed skits - Naughty of coarse.

The food was yummy.  
Here are some pictures of some of the goodies served at Hedonism II 

Great Fun, Good Food, Awesome Friends, Lively Entertanment
What more could you ask for in a fun filled evening at Hedonism II

To have your fun call today!

Stay tunned Halloween is on it's way .... BOO~

Friday, November 11, 2011

Diving Hedonism II with Go Classy Tours

Banded Shrimp
People go to Hedonism II for all sorts of reasons and Diving is one of them.  
Take a look at some of the beautiful pictures 
taken on several different dive trips at Hedonism II.
Lion Fish

Puffer Fish
Arrow Shrimp

I thought I saw him on the grill last night ;) YUM!

Sea Turtle
  A long time client supplied these awesome pictures for your viewing pleasure.  
She is living your dream, you could be to.  
Call today to book Hedonism II and this beautiful dive trip.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular Trip Report 11/4

I said I was going to put up a day by day report of all the activities and events at Hedonism II ..... well, equipment problems have put a damper on that plan.  My patch cord for my camera failed ...ggggrrrrr. Tomorrow I leave this beautiful island and Hedonism II.  Once home laying on my desk is another patch cord.  So, check back next week and I will start posting pictures and trip reports from where I left off.

Ray and his lovely wife Pat were the tour director's for another Go Classy group at the beautiful N-Resort.  Those of you that have read Ray's trip reports in the past will agree Ray always prepares a very detailed and informative and narrative trip report. 
So keep an eye out for the N-Resort Trip Report as well at 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular Trip Report 10/28

800 329-8145

Well, October 28 had me sitting in the lobby greeting another 50+ guests to Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular.  Everyone loves the H2 Bumper Stickers and having lots of fun with Bart's Funny Money.
It fun watching people strolling by in Hedonism II Anniversary Memorabilia from years past.  I have my 6th Anniversary Madonna T-Shirt and my 10th anniversary Black Robe.  People are even wearing Go Classy Tours Memorabilia T-Shirts. 

Friday Nights Theme is now Rock Stars
and the Main Coarse was LOBSTER

Yes, Elvis was in the house and 
Yes,I forgot to take pictures of the Yummy Lobster Tails .... 
I was to busy eating.

The Entertainment Staff did a wonderful combination of music starting from about the Sixties.  Some people dressed as actual Groups or Singers, others just dressed like a Rock Star would.  Other wore there favorite Rock Star T-Shirt.  
It was a fun and entertaining evening.

Off to the piano bar, and yet again I didn't make it to the Disco ....
Maybe tomorrow .....

Rock On Down 

800 329-8145

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular Trip Report 10/27

October 27th

I'm Living Your Dream, You Could Be Living it To!

800 329-8145

So, I would have like to have told you that I went out to the beach or laid by the pool and basked in the warm Caribbean Sun as the Cool Tropical Breeze caressed my body ..... NOT!
Actually, I sat at the entrance of the dinning room welcoming arriving Go Classy Guests to Hedonism II with T-shirts, fans, bumper stickers and personalized lanyards.  Hey, I'm not taking back home 6 suitcases.  It was awesome seeing old friends again and putting names to faces of new ones.

By the time I was done with all of that, it was late in the afternoon and one of those cooling afternoon showers moved in to make everything green and refreshed .... NAP Time :)  

Good to go for the rest of the evening .... I thought.

What a great idea, everyone has something that is either Black or White.  While probably 30% of the people dressed Black or White, I was disappointed that more people didn't participate.  I think this is something that will catch on as more people hear about it and come up with creative attire.  This could turn in to a fantastically fun evening like Toga use to be.

The evening was also Talent Night.  What a surprise one guest got up on stage and sang a love song to his girlfriend as she videoed his performance.  At the end, she was invited up on stage herself where her then boyfriend, now fianc√© proposed to her.  What a story she will have to tell back in England.

Off to the Piano Bar ..... and then to bed ..... didn't make the Disco again.  ...... Maybe tomorrow night.
I'm Living Your Dream, You Could Be Living it To!
800 329-8145

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular Trip Report

Trip Report for Hedonism II
October 26, 2011

800 329-8145

Arriving in Montego Bay
Upon landing at Montego Bay Airport I proceeded through Immigrations and sneaked by Customs with 6 CHECKED Bags and 2 Tag Alongs 
(FYI extra bags on International Travel Delta charges $125.00 per bag) 
But, I had …… 220 T-Shirts, Fans, Lanyards, Name Tags, Bumper Stickers and the Kitchen Sink. 
Well ok, I did leave the kitchen sink at home. 

Arriving at Hedonism II

The trip from Montego Bay to Hedonism was uneventful. I think, I slept most of the way.  Upon arrival it was a BIG Homecoming of hugs and smiles.  Speedy checkin and I was off to my room on the Nude Beach room 2126.  Great room ground floor, Ocean Front, air conditioning is working great and the WiFi signal is strong, even if the connection is slow.  But hey IT WORKS …. That’s why you are reading this ;)

Dinner Wednesday Night 
at Hedonism II

While the food was tasteful it was not something you would write home to Mother about.  Carved Turkey, Corn Beef, Fish, Chicken were the main meats as well as the Pasta Station.  The Salad Table was well, lacking …. the Lettuce.  Only shredded Cabbage and all the additional items that would normally be found on a Salad Bar.

Hedonism II
Wednesday Theme Night is now FETISH FANTASY
Dominatrix, Master, Sub, Leather, Lace & Latex

Of the Guests at the resort about 20% were dressed in Theme Attire.  The ‘Fetish Fantasy’ Costume Contest if you win sport a Bottle of Appleton Rum as the 1st Prize with points being given to the Runner Up.  Points can be redeemed for other items if you acquire enough points during the week.
 ‘Fetish Fantasy’ Showcase was entertaining while some of the show was OK, with the real highlights being Winston in Drag (he makes a Beautiful Woman – so jealous ;) 
There is a act that is similar to the scene in Dirty Dancing with the water bucket only behind a white curtain backlit by a bright light.

It was very entertaining and very tasteful done.  It was my personnel favorite of all the acts.  As the evening winded down people slowly made their way to the Piano Bar for a Sing Along.

Sing Along at the Hedonism II Piano Bar

How lucky was I, Mega who used to perform at Hedonism II and a Young Woman by the name of Stephanie (who now must be one of the Hot Singers on the Island) were there and added much to the evening music.  Mega singing "Leave Your Hat" On was outstanding and then. A GUEST sang an AWESOME version of "Give Me Fever"! OMG she should sing professionally.

‘Alter Ego Exposed’ Party  
Club Hurricane

Well, I’m not an Adrenaline Junkie. And having gotten up at 3am to get here I was at the end of my day. I just couldn’t do the Disco.  Off to bed I went

Thursday October 27, 2011 
at Hedonism II

The day is young and I have a lot of exploring to do.  I’m living your dream; you could be living it to.  Book now for the Next great get together here at Hedonism II or just come on down  any time your hearts desires.

800 329-8145


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular

Spooktacular Hedoween Check List
October 26, 2011
Up, Up and Away in the Air and on my way to
Hedonism II
220 Pumpkin Tie Dye T-Shirts - Check
Boxes Full of The Almost Famous GCT Fans - Check
Lanyards and Pre Print Name Tags for Everyone - Check
Business Cards - Check
Prizes - Check

Ready to have a good time at Hedonism II - CHECK

On the plane and head for a spectacular 10 days at the Erotically Different and Definitely Crazy Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica

Looking forward to greeting all our great clients!

If you are headed down for this great event, make sure you stop by the 
Go Classy Table to receive all your Treats .... no Tricks we promise ;)

If you are chained down at home, call (800) 329-8145 to book in to one of our fun filled and loving crazy groups.  
Or just book and go when you want to go.

I'm living your dream, you should be to.

(800) 329-8145

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular

It's almost time for the famous Ghouls and Goblins to head on down to Hedonism II for the Hedoween Spooktacular Event.  The week is packed full of special events, contests and surprises.  

Ok, don't fire it up to much ;-0

For those of you that have already booked -
make sure you come to the Go Classy Table for your 
Orange Spider Tye Dyed T Shirt, Fans and your Laynard

Andrea & Bart will be Lurking for you!
BOOK 2012 While at the the Resort and recieve a special Surprise.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Updates on Air Jamaica / Caribbean Airline's from Go Classy Tours

Discontinuation Of Airport Upgrades

Further to the official migration of Air Jamaica, we have been informed that Caribbean Airline’s policies now supersede those of Air Jamaica. 

Thereafter, in keeping with Caribbean Airline’s operational guidelines, the Air Jamaica policy for business class upgrades at the Airport for an applicable fee, has been discontinued.

We specialize in All-Inclusive Vacation - call today for the best deals.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Black and Nude at 'Hedo' Jamaican Gleaner

This appeared in the Jamaican Gleaner September 20, 2011
Go Classy would like to pass on the information:
Nina Santiago
The 2011 Miss Black Nude Pageant takes place September 29-October 2 at the Hedonism II resort in Negril. It will be the 15th  time the contest will be staged in Jamaica.
Delores Dickson, who started the contest in 1992, told The Gleaner  that there are 12 contestants this year. She said it has grown in stature since its initial start as a pageant for mainly exotic dancers.
"It has a very diverse audience, everyone from doctors, lawyers to blue-collar workers," Dickson said. "The audience is primarily black but whites, hispanics and other ethnicities follow the contest."
The Miss Black Nude Pageant and Hedonism II gained strong exposure after it was shown several times on the HBO adult programme, 'Real Sex'. Veteran Jamaican marketing executive, Dave Rodney, is consultant for the contest.
He agrees that it has caught on, especially in urban centres in the United States.
"I get the information out to American urban audiences via print, radio and social media. I target mainstream and multicultural audiences who are likely to be interested in Jamaica and in attending the event," Rodney explained.
Prizes range from jewellery to vacation packages and invitations to social events. The 2010 contest was won by Sharminter 'Twinkles' Mintz from Washington DC.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hedonism II 30th Anniversary Week & Halloween

 800 329-8145
Saturday Oct. 29th
Mask Parade Presentation
Sunday Oct. 30th
Class Reunion
Naughty School Girls
Dress: Principal, nerd, professor, cheerleader etc.
Monday Oct. 31st
Hedonism II Hedoween
Including room & door decoration contest
Tuesday Nov. 1st
30th Hedolution Anniversary Celebrations
“A Starlicious Night of Stars”
Colour Theme/Dress Code: Silver, Purple & Pearls
Wednesday Nov. 2nd
Fetish Fantasy
Dress: Leather, Latex, Lace, Whips etc.
 Cirque de la Fantaisie (Circus of Fantasy)
An International Fetish Showcase
Thursday Nov. 3rd
Black & White StarLight Night
Dress: All Black or White
And the Miss Hedonism II Pageant
Call now to book this FAB trip 800 329-8145
Friday Nov. 4th
Rock Star Night