Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular Trip Report 10/30/2011

Hedonism II October 30, 2011
Trip Report 
Sunday Night 
Naughty School Girls & Boys
Another cute idea for a theme night is there Naughty School Girls & Boys.  There were Naughty Professors, Cheerleader, Private School Girls  .... There was even a Flashing Priest with a very large .... plastic props are great ;)  Fun was had by all.  
A Simple Theme night for those of us who are not as creative as others. 
Just wear a simple Team Shirt from any sport. It all works.  

Winston and Crew did school themed skits - Naughty of coarse.

The food was yummy.  
Here are some pictures of some of the goodies served at Hedonism II 

Great Fun, Good Food, Awesome Friends, Lively Entertanment
What more could you ask for in a fun filled evening at Hedonism II

To have your fun call today!

Stay tunned Halloween is on it's way .... BOO~