Thursday, February 28, 2013

March Madness - Top 10 Reasons to Book a Nude Vacation to Hedonism II

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Tomorrow beginning of March. March, originally from the Latin word “Martius,” named for Mars, the Roman God of War, symbolizes a variety of things and experiences in modern society. For gardeners, it’s the start of spring planting season. For Northereners, it might hold a sign of warmer weather to come. But for college basketball fans, March means only one thing… it is just a few short weeks until March Madness!

Nudists, however, think of March Madness a little differently. 
Here are the top 10 March Madness words and their meanings to nudists:

1) NCAA – No Clothes Allowed Anytime
2) March Madness – A nudist’s state of mind after having been bundled up all winter long. Some northern nudists have even been known to have March Madness set in so bad, they run outside naked and make snow angels.
3) Free throw – Throwing your friend into the pool without them knowing it.
4) Point spread – The distance you have to walk from your nudist resort hotel room to the pool.
5) Guard – Covering your skin with lots of sunscreen.
6) Rebound – Regaining your sanity by relaxing, restoring, and rejuvenating your mental well-being by taking a Nakation.
7) 3 point play – Getting to play volleyball, play tennis, and play in the sand naked all in the same day.
8) Foul – Having to wear clothes all week long while waiting to get away to your favorite nudist resort.
9) Fouling out – Having to cancel your Nakation because your boss says you have to work overtime.
10) Tip Off – Telling all your friends about the fun nudist resort vacation you just came home from and booked through Go Classy Tours. And this will actually be the first time ever your friends will really want to see your vacation photos.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Go Classy Tours is Happy to announce HEDONISM II SALE COMPLETE! 800 7Classy

Go Classy Tours is Happy to announce 
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New Owners Plan Immediate US$10 Million Renovations

But Will Not Change Hotel’s Famous “Free Spirit” Motto

NEGRIL, JAMAICA, February 20, 2013 – SuperClubs, the world’s only Super-Inclusive resort group, announced today that the sale of its famous Hedonism II property to international investor group Marshmallow Limited is now complete.  The newly formed company which now owns and manages Hedonism II is headed by majority stockholder Harry Lange, Jon Gross, the John Issa Family and Kevin Levee, the hotel’s current general manager.

“All the paperwork has been completed and the handover should be by the end of the week,” said John Issa, chairman of SuperClubs. “We are very happy that Hedonism’s longtime friends and supporters are now at the helm and the resort will be preserved for many years to come by people who hold it as dear to their hearts as I do.”

For more than thirty years, Hedonism II has enjoyed a reputation of shattering inhibitions and provoking the kind of behavior people do not talk about in polite circles. In this relaxed, no pressure environment, guests are free to explore whatever alternative lifestyle they fancy. Hedonism is as much about open minds as it is open bars.

Hedonism II will not be rebranded and will continue to operate without interruption to service. All reservations and tour operator contracts will be honored.

Financier Harry Lange is excited to be involved with this Jamaican icon and said, “I look forward to leading Hedonism II into its next stage of life and continuing the extremely loyal relationships with guests and travel partners the resort has long enjoyed. We are planning an immediate US$10 million renovation including room renovations, but have no intentions of changing the free spirit of this special place, which will most certainly remain.”

“This ownership group is ideal and should calm any fears that Hedonists might have had about their beloved resort falling into the hands of someone who has no understanding or experience in this market,” said Jon Gross.

Kevin Levee, a 28-year employee of SuperClubs and the current general manager of the resort added, “As someone who has been personally dedicated to the resort and brand for the past 18 years, I am excited by the prospects this new ownership structure brings. Hedo II is the original lifestyle resort and we will bring it back to its former glory, starting with the resurrection of full resort operations and the immediate investment in many of the facilities.”

Sitting on 22 acres on Negril’s scenic seven-mile beach amid ocean views and white sand beaches are 280 beach- and garden-view rooms plus 12 suites with private Jacuzzis and terraces for intimate time alone. From a wide array of Super-Inclusive water and land sports to the late night Hurricanes club, nightly themed parties and five bars, Hedonism II strikes the perfect balance between a relaxing and rousing vacation. To learn more, CALL 888 8Classy.

SuperClubs continues to own and manage Breezes Bahamas Resort & Spa and Breezes Grand Resort & Spa Negril, and also operates and independently markets affiliate ROOMS resorts, and Jamaica’s Negril Beach Villa.