Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular Trip Report

Trip Report for Hedonism II
October 26, 2011

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Arriving in Montego Bay
Upon landing at Montego Bay Airport I proceeded through Immigrations and sneaked by Customs with 6 CHECKED Bags and 2 Tag Alongs 
(FYI extra bags on International Travel Delta charges $125.00 per bag) 
But, I had …… 220 T-Shirts, Fans, Lanyards, Name Tags, Bumper Stickers and the Kitchen Sink. 
Well ok, I did leave the kitchen sink at home. 

Arriving at Hedonism II

The trip from Montego Bay to Hedonism was uneventful. I think, I slept most of the way.  Upon arrival it was a BIG Homecoming of hugs and smiles.  Speedy checkin and I was off to my room on the Nude Beach room 2126.  Great room ground floor, Ocean Front, air conditioning is working great and the WiFi signal is strong, even if the connection is slow.  But hey IT WORKS …. That’s why you are reading this ;)

Dinner Wednesday Night 
at Hedonism II

While the food was tasteful it was not something you would write home to Mother about.  Carved Turkey, Corn Beef, Fish, Chicken were the main meats as well as the Pasta Station.  The Salad Table was well, lacking …. the Lettuce.  Only shredded Cabbage and all the additional items that would normally be found on a Salad Bar.

Hedonism II
Wednesday Theme Night is now FETISH FANTASY
Dominatrix, Master, Sub, Leather, Lace & Latex

Of the Guests at the resort about 20% were dressed in Theme Attire.  The ‘Fetish Fantasy’ Costume Contest if you win sport a Bottle of Appleton Rum as the 1st Prize with points being given to the Runner Up.  Points can be redeemed for other items if you acquire enough points during the week.
 ‘Fetish Fantasy’ Showcase was entertaining while some of the show was OK, with the real highlights being Winston in Drag (he makes a Beautiful Woman – so jealous ;) 
There is a act that is similar to the scene in Dirty Dancing with the water bucket only behind a white curtain backlit by a bright light.

It was very entertaining and very tasteful done.  It was my personnel favorite of all the acts.  As the evening winded down people slowly made their way to the Piano Bar for a Sing Along.

Sing Along at the Hedonism II Piano Bar

How lucky was I, Mega who used to perform at Hedonism II and a Young Woman by the name of Stephanie (who now must be one of the Hot Singers on the Island) were there and added much to the evening music.  Mega singing "Leave Your Hat" On was outstanding and then. A GUEST sang an AWESOME version of "Give Me Fever"! OMG she should sing professionally.

‘Alter Ego Exposed’ Party  
Club Hurricane

Well, I’m not an Adrenaline Junkie. And having gotten up at 3am to get here I was at the end of my day. I just couldn’t do the Disco.  Off to bed I went

Thursday October 27, 2011 
at Hedonism II

The day is young and I have a lot of exploring to do.  I’m living your dream; you could be living it to.  Book now for the Next great get together here at Hedonism II or just come on down  any time your hearts desires.

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