Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular Trip Report 10/31/2011

Hedonism II Halloween 2011
Hedoween Spooktacular was as always a fun event.  
Santa, Hugh Hefner and all his Girls, The Pizza Delivey Boy, as well all Ghouls and just about anything else you can imagine showed up to Party the Night away.
Now that's Ghoulish!

Owner of Go Classy with ..... who is this  ;)

There are no words to discribe this guy.

Pumpkin Craving as always was creative ...... 
Did you know Delano and Scumba are TWINS!

The Birth of Delroy and Scumba

The Hedonism II Pumkin Creations

So if you plan on Halloween, you best book NOW this ALWAYS sells out way in advance!  Fun, Fun and more Fun!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular Trip Report 10/30/2011

Hedonism II October 30, 2011
Trip Report 
Sunday Night 
Naughty School Girls & Boys
Another cute idea for a theme night is there Naughty School Girls & Boys.  There were Naughty Professors, Cheerleader, Private School Girls  .... There was even a Flashing Priest with a very large .... plastic props are great ;)  Fun was had by all.  
A Simple Theme night for those of us who are not as creative as others. 
Just wear a simple Team Shirt from any sport. It all works.  

Winston and Crew did school themed skits - Naughty of coarse.

The food was yummy.  
Here are some pictures of some of the goodies served at Hedonism II 

Great Fun, Good Food, Awesome Friends, Lively Entertanment
What more could you ask for in a fun filled evening at Hedonism II

To have your fun call today!

Stay tunned Halloween is on it's way .... BOO~

Friday, November 11, 2011

Diving Hedonism II with Go Classy Tours

Banded Shrimp
People go to Hedonism II for all sorts of reasons and Diving is one of them.  
Take a look at some of the beautiful pictures 
taken on several different dive trips at Hedonism II.
Lion Fish

Puffer Fish
Arrow Shrimp

I thought I saw him on the grill last night ;) YUM!

Sea Turtle
  A long time client supplied these awesome pictures for your viewing pleasure.  
She is living your dream, you could be to.  
Call today to book Hedonism II and this beautiful dive trip.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular Trip Report 11/4

I said I was going to put up a day by day report of all the activities and events at Hedonism II ..... well, equipment problems have put a damper on that plan.  My patch cord for my camera failed ...ggggrrrrr. Tomorrow I leave this beautiful island and Hedonism II.  Once home laying on my desk is another patch cord.  So, check back next week and I will start posting pictures and trip reports from where I left off.

Ray and his lovely wife Pat were the tour director's for another Go Classy group at the beautiful N-Resort.  Those of you that have read Ray's trip reports in the past will agree Ray always prepares a very detailed and informative and narrative trip report. 
So keep an eye out for the N-Resort Trip Report as well at