Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hedonism II, Sandy Hook and Hurricane Irene

Attends the
Sandy Hook, New Jersey
14 Hedonism II Reunion
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Hurricane Irene cannot stop the Hedonism II alumni from the 14th Reunion Party!! Hundreds knowing that the hurricane was just days away made the trip to be with friends and have fun on the beach. Folks came as far away as Florida, Texas, Oregon, and Montana. Amazingly the weather could not have been better Friday. 
It was bright, sunny and very hot which made the ocean very welcoming to cool off.
Bart hamming it up last year.
Go Classy Tours, Chief Operating Officer attended the event (the lucky one…) and gave out fans, stickers, and $20.00 redeemable cards for future travel. 
Many people on the beach came up and asked what was all the partying about and could they join in on the fun. Of course, the Hedonism II alumni welcomed them with open arms and introduce them to the proper ways to party. Folks brought salads, fresh fruit, cookies, shrimp, all kinds of snacks and of course the food had to be accompanied by inventive cocktails. Games were held with the most unique ice carvings and everyone were holding their sides from laughing so much. Later that night Hedonism II alumni attended a free concert at the Fairbanks Beach Resort and Inn.

The band members were all Hedonism II alumni and they sure could put on a performance.
Then Governor Christie of New Jersey said that the hurricane was approaching and a Mandatory evacuation of the entire New Jersey coast would go into effect at 4:00pm Saturday. Too make things even more difficult for everyone to leave Mayor Bloomberg of New York City closed all public transportation at 12:00 noon Saturday.

But, word has it that the party will go on at Hedonism II and the reunion will be held same time, same place, next year. See you there!!!
Our thoughts and prayers go out to those that have already been effected and those that are still in the path of this storm.
The Staff of Go Classy Tours

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hedonism II appoints new chef

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Hedonism II appoints new chef

Published: Thursday | August 25, 2011in the Jamaican Gleaner
Joseph Kalynuik in his starched white uniform serving up his Wahoo Terrine stuffed with bell peppers, cream cheese, octopus, fresh garlic and basil. - Contributed
Joseph Kalynuik in his starched white uniform serving up his Wahoo Terrine stuffed with bell peppers, cream cheese, octopus, fresh garlic and basil. - Contributed
Dave Rodney, Gleaner Writer

Last week Saturday
morning, a few friends left Hedonism II in Negril for an early-morning fishing expedition. By early afternoon, the proud party of anglers was back at the resort boasting an impressive catch that included wahoo and mahimahi. By dinner time at 7:30 p.m., the newly appointed executive chef, Joseph Kalynuik, had turned the day's catch into an epicurean fantasy and was serving up Wahoo Terrine stuffed with bell peppers, cream cheese, octopus, fresh garlic and basil. This mouth-watering creation sent the taste buds to heaven as diners unhurriedly savoured the various textured layers and subtle flavours of this impromptu Caribbean delight.
Such is the culinary creative genius of Canada-born Kalynuik. Having lived in Jamaica for over six years, he speaks with regular interjections of Jamaican Patois and he appears just as comfortable in the kitchen wearing his signature starched white chef's uniform as he is on main stage after the nightly show, welcoming guests to the resort and bigging up his treasured kitchen and dining room staff.
Fascinated by the dishes
The affable and effervescent Kalynuik came to Jamaica after having worked with Holland America Cruise Lines for four years. But his passion for cooking goes back to his childhood, growing up in Southern Ontario where he was fascinated by the dishes created by his grandmother Mary, who was an extraordinary Ukrainian cook. By the time he was 14, he was assisting at a fine-dining restaurant and he worked his way up until he gained recognition as a chef at the 5-diamond Casino Windsor in Canada.
Joseph Kalynuik is married to a beautiful Jamaican, Janice. He loves everything Jamaican - '70s and '80s reggae, a good rum bar, great conversation and yes, jerk. He has even created his own Chef Joseph's rum-infused jerk seasoning recipe. By all accounts, Joseph's appointment as executive chef will certainly greatly enhance the already tasty treats that one finds at Hedonism II, Negril's lush garden of pleasure.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sandy Hook, Go Classy and Hedonism II Reunion 2011

Sandy Hook, NJ.
August 26, 27, & 28, 2011
800 329-8145
Go Classy Tours will be there again this year welcoming all to Great Sun and Fun!! 
It was Hot,
But do not worry if you’re a “Fan” of Go Classy Tours,
You will be cool like these two…lol
Be sure to meet Bart from Go Classy Tours, he will have specials just for the folks that make it to the reunion.
And remember, if you are going to Travel,
888 825 2779