Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Changes at Hedonism II ;(

Times and Rules - they are a changing at ..... 
Go Classy Tours has been informed that unlike in the past where if you booked into a group the rate would be the same for your entire stay the following rule will be enforced.  

Effective IMMEDIATELY with all NEW bookings the rule that SuperClubs will enforce is a 3 day pre and a 3 day post stay outside of the group window at the same group rate.  

What does this mean you may ask .... 

This is only an example:  If you are staying for 14 days and 7 of those days are in the group, the price would be the group rate for 7 days - if you are going in 3 days BEFORE the group starts the price would still be the group - if you are staying 3 days PAST the group, you would still have the group rate - DAY #14 pre or post will be a 1 day rate at what ever the regular rack rate is.

To simplify it even more - if you are going in on THE DAY the group STARTS, 14 days (7 in group + 3 post) will be group rate.  The additional 4 nights will be at what ever the rack rates is at the time.

I know confusing ..... Call our office, ask for your favorite GCT Agent and they can explain in more detail.

Sorry folks - these are not our rules they come directly from the General Manager Kevin Levee so don't shot the messenger ... We have to abide by their rules.
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So call our office TODAY to book your fabulous trip to the
  Caribbean or wherever you heart Desire's to go.  
We can tell you where the BEST DEALS are!  
Everyone needs the biggest bang for their buck ;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Farewell "Champagne Sam" SuperClubs have lost a GEM!

 Any of you that have been going to SuperClubs for any length of time know Sam James.  Some of us know him as "Champagne Sam".  He was at one time the GM of Hedonism II, Grand Lido Negril and Grand Lido Braco.  It is with sadness for me, but for Sam great joy .... after 27 year with the SuperClubs, he has retired!   

You will be missed Sam!  
May your Champagne flow for many years to come and all your bubbles be crisp and light.

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